3. Autodesk Moldflow User Meeting


14. May 2012 to 15. May 2012

3. Autodesk® Moldflow® User Meeting

in Frankfurt organized by MF SOFTWARE

From Autodesk side will participate the following responsible staff members: Dr. Franco Costa, Senior Research Leader, and Hanno van Raalte, Product Manager Simulation and Material Science, who will report on new features and enhancements in Autodesk® Moldflow® simulation software.



Current issues -
high-profile international speakers!

International Speakers from industry and academia refer to their experiences with the various functionalities of the Moldflow® software.

The following speakers have already confirmed their participation:

Peter Stäblein, Lanxess Deutschland GmbH
Influence of moisture on the flowability of Polyamids


Peter Stäblein indicates problems which can be caused if actual material properties don’t correspond to measured material properties.

Dr. Ing. Frederik Desplentere, University College KHBO (BE)
Transient cooling behaviour: simulations vs. experiments



One of the enhancements in the Autodesk® Moldflow® Insight Software is the functionality ‘transient cooling’ that  was only possible to simulate in 3D in past and which will be available in Dual-Domain in future.
Simulation results of different mesh types will be compared between each other and with result from practice.

Dr. Dave Brands, SABIC Innovative Plastics (NL)
Leightweight Product Design Using Long Fiber-Filled Polypropylene



When using long fiber-filled polypropylene parts with high mechanical properties are obtained.
Therefore it’s possible to reduce the wall thickness and part weight as well as productions costs.
Sabic compares simulation results of different fiber solvers among themselves and evaluates the result with the practical.



Furthermore a training session will be held this year again where you can test the new features.


We are looking forward to your participation!

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