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MF SOFTWARE, PEG and Autodesk are introducing the new highlights of Autodesk Simulation software product lines at the K-show on their booth in Hall 11/G73. Familiarize yourself in round tables or individual conversations with managers of the Autodesk Simulation Development Team as well as simulation experts from MF SOFTWARE and PEG.

Use that opportunity!

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Current exhibition topics:

tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/Moldflow-Logo_2014-V1.png Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight 2014 
New 3D analysis possibilities for automotive lightweight construction:

Injection compression molding, compression molding, bi-injection ... also for reactive molding
tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/SIM360-Logo_2014-V5.png Autodesk Sim 360 Moldflow Cloud Services
Simulation Moldflow, CFD and Mechanical in one package
IT Services 'on demand', cost efficiency with maximum flexibility
tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/CFD-Logo_2014-V1.png Autodesk Simulation CFD / Moldflow
CFD has finally been implemented in Moldflow (conformal cooling, turbulences)
Reduction of working hours, increase of result quality
tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/CFD-Logo_2014-V2.png Autodesk Simulation CFD
Flow and thermal analyses
Laminar, turbulent, incompressible and stationary
Heat conduction, convection, forced and natural convection
tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/Moldflow-Logo_2014-V1.png Autodesk Simulation Mechanical / Moldflow
Coupling of Moldflow with MSA
Mapping of process simulation results to mechanical meshes
Anisotropic mechanical simulations
tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/Mechanical-Logo_2014-V2.png Autodesk Simulation Mechanical
Simulation of static and dynamic stresses of linear and non-linear material models
Buckling and bending, vibration analysis…
tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/Composite-Logo_2014-V1.png Autodesk Simulation Composites
Front end design and analysis tools for engineering calculations especially for composite materials
High end failure analysis in conjunction with Abacus & ANSYS
tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/ROI-2a-engl.png Basis for investment decisions
Motivation – good reasons for simulation
Cost-benefit analysis / return on investment
Simulation in house vs. consulting
tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/Logo-converse.png Mechanical Interfaces: Digimat/Part Converse/MSA
Autodesk Simulation Moldflow interacts with FEM programs
Saving materials and reducing the weight of the component


Moldflow Simulation on customer’s behalf?

Take advantage of 24 years of experience with over 9000 examined and optimized components and tools.

PEG GmbH offers:

  • Flexible capacities
  • Short response time
  • Unbiased advice - Best solution for the product
  • Moldflow analyses
  • Coupling of process simulation and structural mechanics with Digimat
tl_files/mf_template/bilder/Newsletter/2013/CFD-BT.png New:
  • CFD calculations for toolmaking
    • Conformal cooling
    • Heating processes



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