Material Data Service

The value of a simulation depends on the quality of the used material data

Digitalization of your plastics and access to more than 9000 material cards: We operate your material testing. Through direct contact and permanent communication with the Autodesk Moldflow test labs in USA and Australia you get a service specially matched to Autodesk Moldflow.

In cooperation with you we evaluate if your existing material data is already sufficient for the intended Moldflow simulation before material data testing. This may save costs and time.

Send – Test – Fit Check

Does additional material data have to be calculated we support you in operating material shipping, we assume assigning a test lab and we make a plausibility check of the delivered material data.* As a supplementary service we verify the data with a control calculation.

Finally your digitalized material data can be used for the injection molding simulation with Autodesk Moldflow.

With material testing rheological, thermal and mechanical characteristics as well as shrinkage properties for filled and not filled thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers and reactive molding compounds are calculated.

*Usually the data is inserted in the public Moldflow material database. At the moment there are more than 9000 materials in the public Moldflow material database. If you do not wish to publish your data it can be kept in confidence for an additional charge.