Engineering Services - leading by simulation

PEG Plastics Engineering Group GmbH

PEG GmbH is a leading supplier of engineering services for the development of plastics products and the simulation of plastic part manufacturing processes. PEG´s core business is the optimization of injection molds, of injection moldings and of the injection molding process using Autodesk® Moldflow® software products. Major companies from the chemical, automotive and consumer electronics industries and their suppliers worldwide rely on PEG as their preferred partner for simulation and analysis and use PEG to complement and to extend their internal simulation capabilities.

Services & flexible capacities:

  • Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow®analyses (midplane / fusion / 3D)
  • standard simulation tasks: filling analyses, shrinkage and warpage analyses, cooling system analyses
  • special simulation tasks: gas-assist, co-injection, 2K overmolding, injection compression molding, MuCell, Dynamic Feed® ...
  • FEA analyses: thermal expansion analyses, modal analyses, stress and strain analyses, buckling analyses, non-isotropic structural analyses …
  • Midplane modelling and meshing service for several numerical simulation applications

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